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Bruce J Partridge

Welcome to my website. 

My name is Bruce and I love my business. I get to work my own hours and I get to do this from anywhere in the world. The best bit is I get to help others to do it too.

All my professional life I have had a passion for Personal Development. I was the one who delivered all the great messages to the vast amounts of staff I have had over the 35 years I spent in the traditional world. Now I get to be apart of this amazing world.

I was born in New Zealand and grew up in Mount Maunganui.  Although I now call Australia home I get to travel back and forth on a regular basis. I have Adult children and Grandchildren still living there. 

Our business allows us to live where we choose to live, travel and explore the world in a way that I only could have dreamed about as a kid.  You can see by my photos that I have spent some time trekking and the latest was to Everest Base Camp with my eldest daughter.

I'm passionate about working with People who want to create this level of freedom and flexibility in their own lives. You don't have to travel to the extent the we do. Most will just want to have the freedom to do and be as life was suppose to be.

Success Education

Global Brand

No stocking of products

Location Flexible

No Friends or family

 For Big Thinkers

Wealth Creation

Full Training and Support

Full Time - Part Time - Your Time

Award Winning Products

Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting! Will you be one of them?

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and woman who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles.

"I was the skeptical wife. My husband found the opportunity and I thought he was crazy to get started. After a short time I saw the positive changes in him and jumped on board myself. We've had a lot of success here. I've earned more in a single month than I used to earn in an entire year as a high paid professional".

Alison Wheeler

"I was looking for an opportunity to create more time and money whilst working from home, around my life as a dad to a blended family of 5. We longed for greater success and financial freedom. I found success early here, in my first 6 months of business I was profitable and self sustaining. I'm grateful for the opportunity and love what I do.

Simon Haggard 

My Daughter and I at Everest Base Camp   Sept 2018 One of the best things we have ever done. So very proud to have done it with my Daughter.

My son and I doing a bit of Crossfit to keep me active and as young as I feel. Taken in Papamoa New Zealand.

My son and I on top of  Mount Maunganui at night. Love that home town view  

I Volunteer with Volunteer Marine Rescue - Southport , Gold Coast


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To create an extraordinary life filled with choices. 

If you're looking for a way to be rewarded for your time and talent. If you're a great multi tasker and have a couple of hours a day (within the nooks and crannies) to devote to a new business venture, then 

reach out to me today.

"After 34 Years of "Traditional Business" I had as much of the over worked hours and stress that  a life could throw at you. 

I knew some thing had to change". - Bruce Partridge

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started searching for an online business over 10 years ago. Time will pass anyway and will seem to fly by. I knew all those years ago that I wanted out of my current occupation. I was in senior management and partner in the traditional world. In that time, I had missed out on a lot of things that mattered in my life and my children had missed their dad. I wanted more time freedom along with maintaining my 6-figure income. With the sale of my business, I made the decision to never work a traditional job again.

I got my start initially in the Motor Industry and had been for nearly 34 years in Senior Management and partner positions. Although I was earning 6 figures It was not satisfying me in the areas of life that meant something. My Children had missed out on quality time with their father. I was working long hours and had targets that moved daily along with all the staff issues that are normal with a larger staff. I was stressed constantly and when down time did come, I couldn’t give full attention to my family. A change was desperately needed.

So, I got to googling and found myself on a website like the one that you're on now. I had been looking for years and there was something about it that made me inquire further and fast forward to today and I am so grateful I did!

The business that I was led to that day, is the business that I still run today. Representing award winning Personal Development, Success Education and Wealth creation products. Tapping into a global economy and connecting with clients from all over the world. I'm extremely privileged to work with inspiring entrepreneurs who are supportive, talented and simply the best in their field.

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